The Monticello trip was good but it was hard to get pics on the cell phone. Here is one of the boy trying out a polygraph mechanism similar to what Jefferson used to make copies of his letters. The tours of the house and gardens were good. I stayed with the boy while he played in the kids discovery zone, while the rest of the family went on a tour of the gardens that focused on the life of the slaves that lived and toiled on the property. We caught up with them near the end and when I asked Jules what she learned during the tour, she smirked and laughed a bit and said that there was a woman in the tour group that got really confused when the tour guide started hinting at Jefferson having fathered a son with his slave Sally Hemmings. “Confused how” I asked? “I don’t know!” Jules retorted, “she kept asking ‘What do you mean?’ And ‘Well then who was the father?’ It was funny.” Apparently this woman just couldn’t wrap her head around things like that happening. Jules didn’t seem to have any problems figuring it out.

The Drinker's Guide to Hanging Out with Sober People

So we’re visiting some distant relatives that I’m pretty sure don’t know about anything about what my wife and I went through over the past couple of years.
They have been super friendly and hospitable this past week and there’s been a lot of wine and beer flowing every night, but they have been really cool about not offering us any after we picked soda on the first night.
I’m still learning how to socialize without alcohol but it has been OK so far and the wife is doing great :)

Today we learned all about the history of the beginnings of white English people settling the “new world” at the Jamestown settlement which is a full on archeological site with ongoing research. It was really interesting. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and the weather was perfect with partly cloudy days in the low eighties. This is the first time that I have ever been to this part of the country and didn’t really know anything about it. I seem to be enjoying this trip more than my wife who seems to be going back and forth being looking mildly annoyed to full on miserable since we arrived.
I mentioned it to her his afternoon and she quickly retorted that it was the same when we are visiting my parents… That I get equally annoyed hanging out with my parents. I just smiled but thought yeah when we are with my family both of us are equally miserable.

About to touch ground in Richmond, VA starting off a short vacation that I’m not particularly excited about doing.  My wife and I call these things family obligation vacations and it seems like this is the majority of vacations that we ever take.

Every year it is the same struggle and pull and guilt trips from our parents wanting to see their grandkids and hangout. And every year our preciously limited vacation days and dollars are rapidly appropriated by family demands.   And several of the trips are bankrolled by my in-laws so it is difficult to say no, this trip included.

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