It was cool to see that a fellow tumblr friend was into calligraphy

Here are some pics of some scratch paper laying around the dinner table here at the generXestate.
The one on the left went something like this “hey baby boy, check out this cool pen that I got…”
The second one was from the next day where he was going off on big numbers and getting his millions and billions confused. And then that made me think of dr evil.

Teach a person to fish…

So the random request via to get schooled on excel went great.

We met up at the deli eating area at Wholefoods in the next town over from where I live. It turns out that the guy had recently moved down to the ATL from Washington DC after getting out of the Army. He didn’t share a lot of details about his spreadsheet and data but indicated that he was trying to get a better job and transitioning to civilian life. The file looked like it was some kind of project from a job training program… maybe something from the Army or some kind of contractor that works with Vets.

Anyways, it was awesome to see the light bulb going off in his head as I showed him stuff with exel and helped him work through the assignment.


This guy laurento made comment below in the original post


and I couldn’t disagree more.  I think excel is a great tool, prolific even.  Plus, I’ve made a ton of money by being good at excel over the years.

When I finished college, I had $50 to my name and about $10K in debt. The $50 I had was the remainder of the safety deposit from my apt.  The landlord kept the rest for “cleaning and damages”… anyways, I had a job lined up already but it didn’t start until the end of the summer.

I got about a thousand bucks in grad gift money from friends and family but then had to get new tires and a new clutch in order to drive cross-country to NY where the job was starting in Aug so there went the thousands bucks and I was back to being broke for two months.   

So I went to a temp agency hoping to get some work doing light industrial driving a forklift in a warehouse or something.  But since I had just gotten a BSME, they made me take a computerized test to “assess my skills”.  By the time I got back to my parents house, I had a message from the agency… they already had a gig lined up.  Turns out I had “scored really high” on the excel section of their test and they had a job at a bank lined up.  I told them that I wanted to work at a warehouse, not a bank, and I think they said something like “no way”.

So I took the gig, it was good, air conditioned, in a nice part of town…. this in Phoenix were June-July are hot and dirty.   I ended up just having to manually fix thousands of lines of transactions gone wrong in a database.  Apparently, the bank had upgraded one of their systems and messed up a ton of transactions.  Everyday, I came in and got a big stack of messed up transactions, and I worked all day line by line, entering fixes into their system.  I ended up making a couple of thousand bucks, I think it was twelve bucks an hour.

So my excel skills have carried far since then. I recently just got a 5K raise for my willingness and desire to learn new tools beyond excel like R and JMP…I got the raise before I even know how to use them…[my mind kinda blown].  Anyways, you gotta start somewhere, and I was really happy to be helping this guy get started. And I’m hoping that he sees similar success.  He was all like, man! you could totally be a consultant, and was very grateful.

Here’s to the future!

Ask the interwebz?

Any of you followers out there have any guidance on how to grill the perfect NY strip steak?

Besides me just googling it

Yesterday I was at Wholefoods, and the wife asked me to pick up a rib roast because she wanted to practice cooking it for an upcoming visit for her dad who is coming next week and she wants to cook up a roast for him.
Well turned out that they didn’t have a rib roast, but they had ribeye.
I’m not a steak guy, and the butcher was giving me the hard sell that he liked rib eye better and whatever.
Being clueless I was like ok, sounds good. But I’m not sure how much to get, let me call to find out. And so I called and asked and wife said about 3 lbs, so I indicated to the butcher “3” while still on the phone. And I explained the situation to wife. She kinda spass’d out indicating that it ‘had to be’ rib roast, and I was dumb enough to question that,all the while the butcher wrapping up he cuts and putting the little sticker on it, and wife demanding me not to get it.
Shiznit, I thought, so I hung up and told the butcher never mind. I felt kinda stupid and had people waiting in line behind me so then I asked for a cut of the NY strip steak that I was standing in front of. … This being Wholefoods, immediate reply was “what kind”?
Wait what? What kind?… Grain fed, grass fed, hydroponic?
Ugh, I just quickly replied with the grain fed option.
So I got home and surprised the wife with a fresh cut of $20, organic, free range, grain fed, happy cow until she got slaughtered for us, piece of NY strip steak. She was happy.
I’m going to grill it up tonight and I really don’t want to mess it up.

turn to the interwebz for help

I find myself frequently turning to the interwebz for help and always amazed by the response.

So when I got this message below yesterday, my first thought was “wait, what? you want to get schoooooled on excel????


But then my second thought was… wellllll, I wanna be a consultant sooooomedaaay…. and I do know xls….sooooo  I should probably help this guy out….gotta start sooooomewhere…..( i think kinda slooooowww and drawn out)

And then I was like, this is weird, excel? that’s like kids stuff, I’m currently moving beyond excel, with R and SAS and Tableau and stuff, and what if he’s like, soooomekind of serial killer?  Buuuut you know, I’ve gotten a lot help over the yeeeeeears, and on meetup trying to make new connections…which has been hard (not very successful), and here is a guy reaching out to me… I should see what comes of this……(i talk to myself in slow motion all the time)   so I wrote back.


So yeah, willing to help.  
Payin it forward.  
I’m home today…work holiday for Good Friday… so I have some time and so I’m going to go meet this guy later today and help him get started with ‘excel’.  I mean git schooooooled.

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